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    Who are we?

    Hass and Associates provides
    news,analysis, opinion, information and
    services for the IT community,the
    role of technology in improving
    organizations in all sectors of
    business and public life...

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    Hacker Ethics

    Hackers are staunch supporters of
    open-source software and freeware
    because of the nature behind those
    that allow them to access the source
    code (useful in reuse and

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    Tips and Tricks

    Handy tips and tricks on the web
    operating systems and major
    programs for hacking n00bs and the
    general population. Discover useful
    (and mostly amusing) easter eggs on
    the most basic programs...

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    Data Leaks

    Publicized data dumps from black
    hats and hacktivists (grey hats) that
    are either in their plain text or
    encrypted forms. (This list is only a
    reference and not hosted on this

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